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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore

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Company A – Local Company Expanding Abroad

Company A is a client that has retained the full suite of our services and has been engaged in trading activities in Singapore looking to expand into the region.

We advised on and assisted in implementing the appropriate capital structure to facilitate investments into the region. We also assisted the client in their communications with the foreign authorities and in complying with various cross border issues. The client has since successfully launched operations in several regional countries.

Company B – Foreign Investors Looking to Invest in Singapore

A foreign investor was looking to engage a firm to assist on all regulatory and certain operational aspects of starting a regional office in Singapore.

We provided a nominee director and incorporated a new company for the foreign investor, provided accounting, taxation, corporate secretarial and payroll administration services to the new enterprise which set up its Singapore operations successfully within a short period.

Company C – Cross Border Tax Issues and Resolution

Company C is an audit client engaged in project construction activities in Asia Pacific which exposed it to potential tax liabilities in various countries.

During audit, we identified potential foreign tax issues. We advised the company which subsequently reorganised its operations. We also advised on the necessary steps to comply with the foreign territories tax requirements and assisted in successful negotiations and settlements with the foreign tax authorities.

Company D – Tax Savings on Cross Border Investments

Company D is an audit client which invested significant amounts in real estate in East Asia which exposed it to certain tax liabilities in that country.

During audit, we advised the company which restructured its investment and led to tax savings in excess of $250,000 (approximately).

Company E – Tax Savings on Real Estate Activities

Company E is a developer of significant commercial real estate.

We were retained to provide tax services and advised on the timing, extent and nature of capital and operating expenditure and provided tax planning services which resulted in tax savings of approximately $0.8 million.