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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore.

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“Did the enterprise incur the expenses recorded in the accounts?”

Importance of Assurance Services to Your Enterprise

When examining your accounts, existing and potential investors and financiers may ponder on the veracity of your accounts.  They may ponder if the accounts are a fair reflection of your enterprise's net assets and results. These are amongst natural questions investors and financiers may ask. Answers that do not inspire confidence may not foster the trust you need to maintain with stakeholders.

Assurance is an independent verification of your enterprises’ accounts. Investors and financiers accord audited accounts a greater degree of trust and confidence and facilitates raising of additional equity and debt. It acts as a stimulus to openness and transparency and serves as a deterrent to fraud.

Benefits of Engaging Us as Your Provider of Assurance Services

  • Instil greater degree or trust and confidence in the enterprise and management
  • Facilitates fund raising
  • Stimulus to openness, transparency
  • Deterrence to fraud
“Affordable assurance services”

Our Assurance Services

  • Audit of financial statements of companies, businesses, associations, institutes and other unincorporated organisations.

Let Us Be Your Assurance Provider of Choice

To help you get ahead, let us be your quality accounting service provider of choice and contact us.