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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore

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International Accounting and Audit Network

I2AN is an international alliance of independent accounting firms.

Businesses operate internationally in an environment characterized by rapidly developing markets, improved communications and greater international mobility. Successful global organisations choose the services of accountants and advisors in each individual country, to take advantage of local expertise and contacts.

With member firms in North America, Europe and Asia, I2AN firms collaborate and share local in-depth knowledge to deliver a seamless quality service. By engaging an I2AN firm, you access trusted advisors who strive to craft cost efficient and innovative solutions to help your business gain a competitive advantage in the international market place by reducing the learning curve and business risk.

CS Tan & Co is a member firm of the International Accounting and Audit Network (“I2AN”).

Equity Servcorp Pte Ltd

CLY Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Equity Servcorp Pte Ltd and CLY Management Consultants Pte Ltd are affiliates of CS Tan & Co and provide accounting, taxation, corporate secretarial and payroll administration servicesy.