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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore

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“How do I reduce my tax liability?”
“What can I do to minimise tax?”

Importance of Quality Tax Services to Your Enterprise

Enterprises are required to pay tax on revenue profits. Without quality tax services and advice, your enterprise may not claim deductions it is entitled to and pay more than necessary. Your enterprise may not be cognisant of arrangements available to minimise your tax liability. Further, your enterprise may file returns to tax authorities which may at times lead to queries and investigations.

With quality tax services and advice, you can avoid paying more than necessary. You can have various tax minimisation options made available to you. You can avoid submitting incomplete information and inappropriate details to the authorities. You may avoid queries and investigations. You can have peace of mind.

Benefits of Engaging Us as Your Provider of Quality Taxation Services

  • Claim allowances and deductions available to your enterprise to reduce tax liability
  • Advisory services on arrangements to minimise tax
  • Review of tax returns and supporting documents to avoid submission of incomplete information and inappropriate details
“Affordable quality taxation services”

Our Quality Taxation Services

  • Tax compliance, including drafting and filing tax returns
  • Tax advisory, including assistance in forming tax efficient arrangements
  • Tax investigation and audit
  • Advising on use of offshore companies

Let Us Be Your Quality Taxation Provider of Choice

To help you get ahead, let us be your quality taxation services provider of choice and contact us.