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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore

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“Did we pay the right amounts to staff this month?”
“Did we make the right contributions to Central Provident Fund this month?”

Importance of Quality Payroll Services to Your Enterprise

Employee salary comprises various components. Employees are commonly paid a base salary, commission, allowances, overtime salary and bonus. If you manage a lean enterprise, payroll records may not be up to date and contributions to Central Provident Fund may be at incorrect rates amongst other possible errors. This can result in low employee morale and increased staff turnover leading to higher operating costs.

With quality payroll services, you would not have to worry about whether payroll records are maintained properly. You would not have to be concerned about compliance with constantly evolving local pension regulations. You would be able to free to focus your energy on driving your enterprise to greater heights.

Benefits of Engaging Us as Your Provider of Quality Payroll Services

  • Confidence that payroll records are properly maintained
  • Confidence that payroll payments are in accordance with constantly evolving local pension regulations
  • Increased resources to pursue enterprise goals
“Affordable quality payroll services”

Our Quality Payroll Services

  • Maintain employee payroll records
  • Compute & pay salary and reimbursements
  • Print pay advice
  • Process increments and bonuses
  • Prepare annual payroll statements (Form IR8A) for submission to tax authorities
  • Provide payroll reports
  • Application and renewal of employment passes

Let Us Be Your Quality Payroll Service Provider of Choice

To help you get ahead, let us be your quality payroll service provider of choice and contact us.