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CS Tan & Co – Certified Public Accountants in Singapore.

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“How do I validate business decisions made?”
“How do I maintain accountability to Directors and Shareholders?”

Importance of Quality Corporate Secretarial Services to Your Enterprise

Companies are required to maintain statutory records. In the absence of properly maintained statutory records, executive decisions may be subject to scrutiny by Shareholders and other Board Members. Shareholders and other Board Members may view certain executive actions to be unauthorised and invalid. Executive decisions may be challenged and may at times lead to investigations and litigation.

With quality corporate secretarial services, not only would you be advised on the requisite statutory corporate secretarial records, you would also have access to advice on additional procedures to validate critical decisions and actions and other matters to maintain accountability and good governance.

Benefits of Engaging Us as Your Provider of Quality Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act and the enterprises’ Constitution
  • Advisory services on additional procedures to validate critical decisions and actions
  • Partner you in maintaining accountability and good governance in your enterprise
“Affordable quality corporate secretarial services”

Our Quality Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Advising and forming companies and unincorporated entities in Singapore
  • Advising and arranging for formation of offshore companies
  • Nominee director services
  • Company secretary services and maintenance of statutory records
  • Provision of registered office

Let Us Be Your Quality Corporate Secretarial Provider of Choice

To help you get ahead, let us be your quality corporate secretarial services provider of choice and contact us.